♦ College Clothes #6 ♦


This week was a type of a nothing week at college so I only had to go in twice so only two outfits for you today, sorry! But next week is half term so hopefully I can do some more posts for you to enjoy all next week plus some halloween type ones! Wohay!

(Also sorry for the strange photos, after exactly 3 days of having a camera I have broken it. Fab)

Day one ~

trying to balance showing my complete outfit whist taking a picture 

I am wearing a patterned shirt from h&m and a pair of leggings also from h&m with my converse

Day two ~

I am wearing a black cami from new look with some old jeans that i ripped at the knee, Big up for D.I.Y!

And thats it, I am hoping that I can do a few more posts then usual this week as I have the week off! HELL YEAH!


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