Top 5 Body Sprays // Body Splashes // Daily Blogging #9


I am a firm believer of smelling good (I mean who isn't?). So I take my body splashes VERY seriously, here are my top 5~

1- Hollister - Vista Cove
2-Zara- Sweet Candy Vanilla body mist 
3- Hollister- Silver Strand Beach
4-Hollister- Winter Day dream 
5-Victoria Secret - Vinilla Lace
I personally feel that Hollister and Victoria Secret has the best scents, my absolute fav is the Hollister Silver Strand Beach its smells heavenly. 

URGGGG Smells so good


I have just been watching the whole of skins again recently, I use to love that programme! I want to be just like Effy only she is like 14 in the first season and the biggest thing I had to worry about a 14 was my MSN picture! For blimey those where the days!


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