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Ello Motto! 

I like to think that this blog is not only just a lil’ place for me to express my love for all things fashion and make-up, it is also a place where I can write about my days out. My memory is terrible, so I would like to write about the places I have gone and things I have done. So even if no one reads them I can still look back, almost like a online diary and reminisce. So in this post I am going to jot down my adventures over the past weekend! 

I spent my weekend in Bournemouth with my best Friend Ellie. We kicked off  our journey with a bacon sandwich to prepare us for the 5 hours bus journey to poole with an hour layover in London we had ahead of us. It wasn't a the best start as we lost a bags in the layover in London but (thankfully!) we recovered and were back on track! We was staying at Ellie’s dad’s house for the weekend so he was able to pick us up from the bus stop and take us back to his house. When we arrived it was very late so we went straight to bed, so no photo’s on that day (sozza).  

The next day me and Ellie went up to Southampton to see ‘Dirty Dancing’ in theatre which was amazing! I wore a black turtle neck crop top from asos and some stripy jeans from topshop! We wanted to get up there early so we got the 9:20 (I think??) train to Southampton. 

We arrived around half past ten and our show started at two so we had a good four hours to have a shop. We  mooched around for a bit and wondered in to a Disney store where after I saw this sebastian toy that looks like he is going to murder someone, we decided it was time for lunch.

We were going to go Starbucks (how cliché) to get some grub but we wondered across the cutest little pub called ‘the slug and lettuce’, which had the most amazing avocado and chicken wrap ever, and to make it even more beautiful the view we had was amazing! 

Then we made our way to the Mayflower theatre to see Dirty Dancing on stage. And Oh My God, it was honestly one of the best things ever! There was laughing, crying and of course DANCING! The woman who played Baby could of Jennifier Gray’s (the woman who played Baby in the movies) twin it was crazy! 

If you for some crazy reason haven't seen Dirty Dancing then I highly recommend you illegally download it or something because it is one of the best films of all time, A Classic! 

No body puts baby in the coner!

The next day wasn't as interesting. We just had a lay in and stayed in to have a barbecue, it was one of those ‘classic british summer days’ where the sun is projecting hot waves and smell of charred meat lazily spreads through the air and you can faintly hear Wimbledon being played on the radio. It is times like this where I can truthfully say I feel Britain is a wonderful place, but then it began to rain and I am reminded that Britain is actually just a fickle biyatch. 

The next day we made our long journey home, so I donned my comfy clothes and we powered straight ahead home where we encountered the freakiest looking lorry ever... 


Well that was my weekend! Looking back on it I had a whole striped theme to the weekend! Ah Well C’est la vie! 


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