✧ Comfy and Cool ?! // Outfit ✧


Going to the cinema is a tricky one. You get people in high heels going out for date night and you get people in tracksuit bottoms who just want to be comfy while they watch a film. So I am left with the dilemma. WhAt ThE hEcK dO i WeAr

I was just going with my best friend around midday so obviously I wasn't going to be in heels but It was still the middle of the day so I didn't want to go to slob-tastic. 

So this is what I went for, 

Top : Amazon ( I Think - It was a christmas present from my amazing friendllyyy) 
Leggings: H & M 
Shoes: Next - they are comfy & smart! and They were on sale!
Coat: Primarkk!  

And thats my outfit! 


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