Calvin Klein Spring Summer 2018 Catwalk Overview // 'Nightmare On Wall Street"



I know on this blog we mostly look at lifestyle topics but today I thought, lets put my degree to use and discuss some HIGH FASHION!! Dun Dun DDUUUNNNN. 

New York fashion week is upon us, and we all know what that means. All eyes are pointed to the big names in fashion to see what trends are being set into motion. One name the people in the know are looking toward is Raf Simmons for CK. After his debut collection for the brand last season, I was super DUPER eager to see what his next collection would bring!


After the catalyst that Trump set, the idea of ‘America’s fall from grace’ is something that all creatives are sucking from. American Horror Stories new season cult and now Raf have looked into the idea of the ‘American Horror’. Raf looked more at classic movies and I for one thought that this was very cleaver. The old school horror movies have so much inspiration for Raf to look into and it showed through out this collection. Raf stated in his show notes that the collection is about ‘American horror and American beauty’ and I feel there is something quite poetic in that notion. Especially considering that Calvin Klein is the ‘all American’ brand.

From eye level the catwalk looked the same as the previous season, however if the audience members looked to the skies then they would see axes sitting in bunches of red fringing. A sight that I am sure stuck fear into audience members hearts as the axes swung quite literally over their necks.

The collection itself was dotted with references to the all American horror-core, red and white fringing hung off black leather bags that looked devastating like pools of blood. Dresses that appeared to of had bullets pass though them and gloves that only a mad scientist would be caught dead wearing (oh the puns). 

Though out the whole collection there was and essence of cowboys. From boots to silk shirts the slight nods where dripped in-between the horror references, which again I think hints back to the ‘American Dream’ that the brand is based on. 

One key piece that I think we are going to see celeb’s wear as they rush to and from airports are the slick red trench coats that remind me of that one scene we all know in American Psycho (And lets be honest it would be crime if he didn't do at least one reference to that film in this collection).

But for me the killer item (haha) was the white stilettos that mock the mask that Jason wears in Friday the thirteenth!  As Joanne the scammer would say, ICONIC! 



Bit more of a wordy post hey?! Who would of thought all those years ago when I first started blogging that I would be doing a wordy one!? 

Back to university for me in a week! I think that anyone who goes to a university thats far from home can relate when I say there is something quite bittersweet about going back. I am sooooo ready to live in my own space again, but I shall miss my family and friends back home terribly.  

God my middle class life is hard

( that was a joke btw) 

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