Dupe Designer Sunglasses


Just a little browse through my recent posts show I am no stranger to dupes and fakes and sunglasses is no exception.

So when I stumbled onto zero uv you can imagine my reaction.

The site is full of sunglasses, dupes of designers sunglasses, for under $10 (or £6.56 for my fellow english peeps). How do they do it?! I have no Idea but it is fab.

I got the replica of some RhiRhi ones, because she is queen and they are oversized (I am a fan of oversized sunglasses, I have a fat moon head so they make my head look smaller)


This is what they look like in real life

I honestly feel like Kim Kardashian In them its fab. 


I shall call this photo 'when the girls try and escape'
(top by misguided btw) 

Hope you enjoy my petite babies! 


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