On friday I had my prom, it was a great night full of dancing and drama, but the real reason behind me attending was that I got to dress up. REALLY dress up, and as an aspiring fashionista it was an event I have been planning for, for months. 

I didn’t want my dress to be the ‘traditional’ prom kind of dress so after hours of scouring blue water (a HUGMUNGUS shopping centre) we entered Lipsy. By this time I had reached the end of my rope and was seriously considering pulling the plug on the whole idea of prom but then I came across this dress. 

I was in love. As I tried it on the music stopped and was replaced by a promotional message by Kim Kardashion telling me she had a new collection with Lipsy and that ‘You look stunning you Lipsy girrrrlllll’. I took this as a sign from the heavens and brought the dress. 

I decided to team up the dress with black heels that I had purchased in primark (ssshhh) and on the day I got my hair done at the salon which resulted in big voluminous hair which granted me the new nickname of ‘Pricilla Presley’. 

Prom was really fun and I encourage everyone to try and attend theirs, even if you are worried about not having a date or anything as long as you have you friends and a DJ everything will be fine! 
Now for some lil' photos of me at prom...

meh legssss


And at the end of the night I promise just like me you will be left with tears in your eyes and blisters on your feet. 


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  1. Lovely post,dear:)
    Keep in touch xoxo

    1. Thank you!, and most definitely! :) xxxxxxx


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