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From a 5 second look on wikipedia I have learnt that duster coats have been around for ages, although originally they were worn on the turn of the twentieth century by both men and women to  ‘protect their clothes when riding in open motorcars on the dirt roads of the day’ they recently have made a come back to fashion. However nowadays they are more used for style rather then practicality. They first made there appearance in new york fashion week in the fall and are now currently being sold in shops such as topshop and asos for us who don't have the money for Chanel (for example moi- I am brooookke)

From this.... 

...to this!

I adore duster coats they add an air of sophistication to any outfit, add some oversized sunglasses and you will look like you have just stepped off the catwalk, even if you are just popping into Tesco’s. I am currently lovin’ the summer alternative to a duster coat. A duster kimono! they are a lot more light weight and most importantly a lot cheaper! 

The duster coat/ Kimono’s I like is the black duster kimono from topshop I showed you earlier as I feel black will go with eeevvveeerything and doubles up as a bikini cover up in the summer. I also decided I wanted (needed) the pale blue duster coat from asos as my favourite colour is blue and I feel like it adds a bit of colour to my outfits in the fall when I will start to wear it, also I was slightly influenced by Kylie Jenner when she was photographed wearing one and I fell in LOVE! 

Or if you'r lucky you mum/dad/gran/granddad/whoever might have one tucked away somewhere!


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