Cheap Dramatic Red Tassel Earrings // EBAY EARRINGS // Summer 17 #6


Hello Mi Amigo’s! 

How are we this fine day? 

A quote that I live my life by is something that the great drag queen, Bianca Del Rio once stated “No ones face is that symmetrical that they cant benefit from earrings”. This is something that I stand by. So when I was watching the most recent series of Ru Pauls Drag Race and saw Sasha Velour wearing the most amazing tassel earrings I have ever seen I knew I need to get them. So if you have been reading this blog for a hot minute then I think you can guess what I did next… 


Have I already used this photo? I think so. 
Now I had seen the type of earrings I wanted in Topshop for like £15. But £15?! I don't think soooo! SO what I like to do (and this is a little tip for everyone) I like to shop under the tag “theatrical earrings” because you can find some awesome dramatic earrings for a fraction of the price! And I am such a sucker lately for maHOOSIVE earrings. 

So a picked up these bad boys for £4! £4! They are everything I want in earrings and more!

£4?!?!?! HOW ?!?!


I think that the moral of this blog, in general, is to bargain hunt. I am a slut for shopping ( I justify this because I am a fashion student) but I pride myself in the fact that I am a economical shopper. So I try and sell some of my previous items on eBay to fund my addiction. I also try and find the items that I am interested in for a fraction of the price! DO YOUR RESEARCH MY LOVES. I was always a sucker for detective books when I was younger so maybe I just get a little kick out of scouring through the internet to find the best deals! 

*side of the sidenote*

A lot of my readers are from the USA! HELLLO AMERICA! Just wanted to say that my thoughts are with you in this time! Although we have nasty weather in the UK, I have been fortunate to never of been involved with an earthquake, natural disaster or in this case a tropical storm. So I just wanted to say that my thoughts are with you and that I hope you are okay <3 

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