Clear Transparent Orange Sunglasses // Style Inspiration Psychout for murder // Summer 17 #5


Well helllllloooo there! 

If you are in America then you might have possibly reached that dreaded ‘back to school’ time but here in the U.K Summer vacation is still in full swing! As a university student my summer has been incredibly loooongg and as I am fortunate enough not to require a summer job I have had copious amounts of free time. Something that I have been filling up this free time with is watching old movies! 

I know this made almost 90% of the people reading this groan, old movies?! But trust me some of these old movies contain the most amazing fashion looks I have ever seen! How to marry a millionaire starring the one of my all time idols Marilyn Monroe has some the most beautiful dresses in existence!

But I am not here to talk about Marilyn Monroe films (although I could for days), I am here to talk about ‘Psychout for Murder’.

Psychout for Murder is a 1969 film all about a young girl Licia who is wrongly betrayed by her boyfriend and family and sets out her revenge, MWHAHAHAHAHAHA. I adore this film. Not only is it about a girl getting some payback but the LOOKS in this film are incredible. I mean. Stunning. 

Here are a couple of my absolute favourite looks. 




Next Outfit Plan

Honestly watch this film, every scene Licia is stealing the show with her outfits (and her amazing hair)! 

But one items hit me like a beam of light to the heart. 

These sunglasses.


I knew as soon as I saw them I had to scour the globe (Ebay) to find them. And at long last (20 minutes) I had found them…

My babies… 

I mean I will never look as good as she does in em' but a girl can try

They great thing about these is that I managed to cop them for about £4! Thats about the same as and ice-cream and lets be honest which one will make you cooler???



Been a little while since I posted I know. But I have been a busy little bee! (and by busy I mean I have been watching old movies).  
Speaking of busy little bee’s WHO has heard Tyler the Creators new album? It is SO good! A definite ‘must listen’ on nosebleeds and palm trees! 

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