Love Box // Festival Outfit and Style Inspiration // Summer 17 #4


I am back, back, back, back again! 


Well If you didn't guess from the title I went to Love Box! WAHOOO! If you aren't from the U.K or don’t know what Love Box it is a day festival where lots of singers and performers from across the globe come and perform! I went with my friends to the Friday, so the two main headliners where Solange and Frank Ocean and boy, oh boy was I GASSED. You don’t understand the love I have for those two. I absolutely adore ‘A Seat at the Table’ and everything that Frank has ever done so I had to get tickets! 


So the Thursday to the Saturday I was living the London adventure. I had just been up for pride (as you guys know) and I was so happy to be back. London is my town, I love everything about it! It was a real treat to be back in such a short amount of time! Especially to see my babies. 

Anyways lets get to the most important thing, what I wore!

Me and meh pals

T-shirt- 2pac hommage tee from Primark (the men’s section). 
Shorts- Chef trousers  from eBay, that I turned into chef shorts.
Shoes- Some milatarly boots that are from H&M. 

Beware these are terrible pictures of my outfit, I got so gassed for Love box that I completely forget about getting good pictures! 

Anyhow the day/night was a complete success. To round up, Frank was as beautiful as ever, Solange has the voice of an angel and I almost got puked on while watching Kaytranada. It was a magical day. 



I think you can tell how happy I was just by the amount of exclamation marks that I use in this post. Each one justified however. It really was that good of a day. I love festivals, this is something that I have said on multiple occasions but it is the truth, if you have never been to a festival WHAT ARE YOU DOING! Honestly get your bum to your local festival and let your hair down girlfriend! 

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