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To quote the 'Bratz' I have a passion for fashion. Cheesy as it sounds I do. So when I got an opportunity to be apart of the backstage crew at Brighton fashion week I jumped at the chance! It was amazing to see what it was like behind the scenes of it all and confirmed the fact that I wanted to go into fashion. I have wanted to do a lot of things, a vet, an actress even a fish mongers (I was a strange child) but nothing has ever inspired or made me feel quite like fashion has. Because of this I think that it is defiantly a career I want to do. 

If you haven't found what you wanna do yet, I wouldn't worry about it you will find out what you want to do eventually. Its all about trail and error so go out there and give everything thing a go! 

Anyway, Here are some pictures I managed to nab about sorry there isn't may but I was A) really REALLY busy & B) wasn't to sure what i could and couldn't take pictures of! 

I hope this is Just the beginning! 

P.S normal posts next week 


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