Flares outfit // Monocrome


Flares are a classic 70's piece and I do really like the whole 70's feel but I don't want to look that I am in fancy dress so I decided to add some 'monochrome' feel to my outfit to modernise it a bit.

Top and flares are from Misguided shoes for Schuh and Bralette from Topshop

I kinda look like I am a yoga teacher BUT combined with an off the shoulder top and a fancy bralette and my Pharrell trainers I really like this look!
The only problem I would say is that the bottom of the trouser kinda hooks under your shoes so you have to roll up the top of the trousers which runs the risk of camel tooe so I recommend a top that covers that area. But apart from that top notch! 

Can I just say though that my dedication to the perfect background has reached insane levels. I AM ON THE ROOF. If you an see there is the t.v satellite behind me. I AM AN IDIOT WHAT AM I THINKING I HAD TO CARRY THE MIRROR ON THE ROOF WHAT MUST OF MY NEIGHBOURS THOUGHT. Looks good though.


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