☠ My Style // lil' black skirt ☠


I know it isn't traditionally the time for skirts but gosh darn it I am going to tell you how I style them anyways. 

A skirt is a great way to add something  a bit more feminine to your outfit or to dress an outfit up a little bit so I am gonna show you how I would do that! 

In this outfit I have on a thick jumper from H&M with a fur collar I took off a coat that I got from primark and of course a skirt (from new look)

For a more dressed up version I teamed up my black skirt (can be swapped for a skater skirt as shown) with a black roll neck crop top that I got from asos with my camel coat because it is still HELLA chilly outside. 

For a more causal combo I have on my white crop top with a flannel shirt that gives the impression i didn't try very hard to create this outfit when in fact it took me a good 20 minutes. LIFE. 

P.S don't forget tights if it is particularly chilly out there, don't want to be blamed for giving anyone the flu. 


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