❀ College clothes #5 ❀


I have settled in nicely into college now and finally got a routine going so now I can be out of the door with out rushing and swearing, so thats definitely a plus!

Anyways lets get into the it,

Day one~

slip a lil' selfie in there ;)
top-h and m 

This is personally one of my fav outfits and one I have worn a LOT

day two~

striking a pose in order to show you my shoes

leather jacket- topshop 
jumper- h and m 
leggings - h and m 
booties- primark

This outfit is also in other one of my post but you know -what eves 

Day three- 

I am embracing my inner Miley cyrus 

Shirt- my brothers 
Leggings- h and m 
coat - primark 

My last day is the day where I put the lest amount of effort in, I CBA ON FRIDAYS 

My half term is coming around soon so that means more posts!!! So depending on how you are this will make you fractionally happy or go meh, either way it is happening! HUZZAH


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