❀ Little GREY dress / style ❀


Whilst rummaging through the Topshop sale I came across a simple grey dress for only about £6 (including my student discount) and my mind started turning about all the ways I wanted to style this, it must of looked strange to anyone who saw me as I was just standing their for a good two minuets staring at this dress. But anyways here is how I style a little GREY dress (or GRAY depending on who you are).

(also I got a camera so hopefully I look a lot clearer!)

Casual ~

Simple little shirt tied around the waist and some (although you can't see them) white converse!


I kinda changed the dress into a skirt by adding a white blouse over the top and to add a little bling I put on my (fake) gold chain!

Going out -

My face looks strange in this photo


Flatforms and fur coat equals a GOOD NIGHT OUT!

And my personal favourite way to wear the dress....

It is of course with a camel coat.


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