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I am excited, more then excited really, I AM OVER THE MOON! 

Why you might ask? Because the new season of American horror stories is coming back around thats why! This year the theme is 'freakshow', and because I am oddly intrigued/Terrified by circuses and clowns I know that this season is going to be a good'un! 

Due to this new information I took it apon my self to re-watch american horror stories season 3 coven (If you haven't seen it, go, watch it &love it ) and It reminded me of what good sense of style and the high level of respect for fashion everyone in that season has! They keep the colours of the outfits to a simple pallette of  black, white and red. True witch-like colours and I love it! So I thought I would share some of my favourite outfits from season 3! 

classsyyy chic

Love the jacket!

c'est magnifique!

Lady innn reddddddd

I hope to be as chic as her one day

dem sock's doe

Misty day!

both so flawless

Yeah so thats what I wanted to share with y'all today! And lets leave on this classic line. 

R.I.P  Myrtle Snow. Queen of style and fabulous eyewear <3 


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