Reflection On 2014 And Improvements


I know typically you reflect on the past year on the 31st but I am feeling particularly sentimental today ( and considering this is my 90th post! 90!) I decided I needed to let my thoughts out.

Although it is cheesy 2014 has been quite a key year almost as if 2013 and 2012 had been a run up for this year (and hopefully the years to come) 2014 was the year I created this very blog, nosebleeds and palm trees granted I gave my little baby a strange name (a unique name more like) but I love it dearly, I have created blogs over the years none of them I stuck with though I would post one or two things on there and get bored and leave them to gather cyberdust. To be completely honest I have no idea what keep me coming back to this blog and to continue writing but I continue to log on to this place and post (not very well written granted) my views and my clothes and other superficial things that I enjoy!

My blog is a great source of joy for me, I know it is hard to believe that just writing about the little things I have brought or what I have been wearing or what I have been up to would actually cause someone joy but it does, and even if hardly any people read this it is rather therapeutic for me, to write about my day or my things, almost like down time for me. I mean why else would I have 90 posts on here. Saying that I would like to improve some things!

1. I would like to take my outfit pictures somewhere other then in my room, I have a spare room in my house and I have debated about turning that into somewhat of a 'bloggers den' I will have to experiment a bit with lighting and what not but my room doesn't exactly give off what I call a stylish vibe, so I think 2015 will be a year of relocation.

2. When I comes to my blog posts I feel that I don't write enough I will post a picture of my outfit write a little and then thats it, I don't write enough and the simple fact of that is that I am lazy. And that Is really bad.

3. I also need to post more, lately due to the christmas holidays I have been posting frequently but usually I post around three times a week, my excuse to myself has always been that I have work and college but I know that some bloggers update their blog daily so I am sure that I can squeeze at least a couple more posts a week.

4. I feel that my blog is a little superficial, I post some outfits I post make up and thats about it, I think that I need to talk about more important things, current events and what not. I don't want to do this often as I adore fashion and make up and all things like that but at least twice (maybe more maybe only once) a month I should add in some cultural things in here.

And those are my new years resolutions - the blog version! I hope to introduce these renovations soon  and I hope that 2015 will be the year that nose bleeds and palm trees actually produces some quality content!

p.s It feels strange to have a post with no picture so here is a GIF (watch out ) of me


How very lazy of me. 

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