Never Fully Dressed With Out A Smile...


I went to go see Annie today (Hence the title of this blog) and I rather enjoyed it! I know a lot of people are hating on it but to quote my father 'those who don't go move with the times, get left behind'. I really liked this new version of Annie, they gave Annie an urban edge which was a refreshing change! 

Anyways enough about Annie and more about my outfit! 

My New Baby My white Leather Jacket <3 £58! not to bad considering the quality of off the charts!

Tank top - topshop 
Leggings- H&M 
Shoes- Next 
Hat - H&M 
Jacket - Topshop  

Make up 
Number 7 foundation 
NYX lip liner in the shade mauve 
eyelashes from eyelure 


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