Fake Balenciaga Boots


As I am a student I have minimum cash, but because I am a budding fashionista I crave the designer life, I love bags and shoes and all things like that, so when I was scrolling through Tumblr and saw a picture of some Balenciaga boots, I knew I just had to have them. So I typed them into google and went on to the Balenciaga website and saw them, I went to add them to the cart when I saw that THEY COST £795!!!!!

Let me just say that again. 
795 pounds.
For my American friends that $1236.42! Holy macaroni. 
I instantly thought back to the measly £20 that was sitting in my back account and felt sad, I couldn't even afford one of the buckles of the shoe let alone the whole thing! 

But then I remembered I live in a world of rip offs, fakes and dodgy business, Huzza! So I typed into google 'fake Balenciaga boots' and came across many websites most of them looked untrustworthy but then I came across a shop called 'Chockers' where they were selling replica ones for £15! £15! I had to buy them, I mean I couldn't leave a deal like that! 

Here's what they look like on, 

I love them A LOT. So get use to seeing them around!

Also I just need to add this before I end this post because how could I not. 


P.S Happy New Year!

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