I Got That Red Lip Classic... // Outfit & Style


This Outfit and Red lipstick are the perfect pairing.
You can get away with having BOLD lips and dark eye make up for the day time because the outfit is so casual, Its a nice combo.

The fact that my parting isn't in the centre is really annoying me. 

Bun Hair!

I didn't even mean for this photo to look so sassy, I was trying to show my shoes and my hair got in my face. 

Cardigan - Primark
White tank- Topshop
Jeans - H&M ( I Ripped the knees myself)
Lipstick - Tune In to my next post! -Op! exciting!

Hope you enjoyed I felt very Lana del ray in this outfit, I dunno why maybe because I rediscovered her first album and dear god its like heaven for the ears.


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