Adidas Pool Sliders


These shoes are like pugs, so ugly that they are cute.

When I first heard saw these shoes I literally went 'EW' but after a couple months I saw them again whilst browsing Shuch and like some kind go fungus, they have grown on me. Now I love them.


I am kinda in love... 

I picked up these bad boys for £19 from Shuch, which as shoes goes isn't that expensive I mean for basically crazy flip flops its kinda expensive when you can pick up some from Primark for like £1.50 BUT will they look as outrageous as these? No, and will they make people STARE at your feet like this one man did whilst I was on the tube the other day. No. 



BTW (For anyone who is interested) I am truly sorry I haven't been updating but I have many MANY assignments to do so just for this month I will be posting Once possible twice a week. SOZZA I WILL DO LIKE THIRTY IN THE HOLIDAYS. 

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