New York '15 // Style Diary


(Important to listen to THIS while reading this post-trust me(I like this version better) ) 

New York is a place I have always wanted to visit, its a place that is iconic. Not only through out the world but with in the fashion community, and one day (fingers crossed) I intended to live there so it was kind of important to me that my first impression was a good one. And by god it was. Where else in the world could you watch movie at 3 o'clock in the morning? Or be seconds aways from any kind of food, to quotes Phoebe Buffay - what if you want Chinese food at 5am? Or a fake Rolex that breaks as soon as it rains or an Asian hooker sent right to your door?  god I want all those things (maybe not the hooker).


I flow in from Gatwick via Norwegian air ( my first time flying with them- verdict well accommodating but the food was a bit crapola), It was an 8 hour flight so I went for comfort rather then being fashion forward, as I feel any sane person should do when it comes to flying. 
I wore a thrift shopped Green Day Packers jumper, gunna be honest not a clue whose these are I know they are an a American football team but thats the extent, with some primark joggers and my puma suedes 

My first day was mostly trying to overcome jet lag (I woke up 5 o'clock NY time which is like 10 o'clock time in the UK which is a reasonable time) I shopped so much as in England we don't have a Sephora or a Brandy Melville, which for all my UK friends is the strangest shop that only stocks only size of anything so imagine my embarrassment when I go into the changing room and ask if they have it in a different size only to be death stared at by the woman and told 'here at Brandyy we only stock one sizzzeeeee' in a very elegant accent where as I am standing there with my mank cockney accent like 'Eh? what the bloody hell is the point of that? Bit sillyinnit?" She didn't not agree. 

That being said I brought A LOT more then I needed. 

Later on I wore the brandy top with some ripped jeans - it was a bit big so I had to tie up the straps, again a flaw in the whole 'one size' thing they have going on. I also have on a body chain I purchased from forever 21 - to jazz it up a bit.

And that was Day one ! I will be back tomorrow for day two! 



I am CRYING. Poor Tom Selleck 

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