Milani Baked Blush Luminoso // Daily Blogging #5


Britain is a great place (aside from the weather). We have custard cremes, James Bond and the Queen just to name a few, but there is one thing that we lack, our make up is very basic. It pains me to say this but after going to Sephora in America I can say that we really have nothing. So when searching for the Milani baked blush in Luminoso I had to skip boots and super drug and head over to Amazon. 

But the £3.99 delivery cost was worth it because LOOK HOW PRETTY


I have heard great things about this blush, its suppose to be a dupe for the MAC baked blushes and is a firm favourite with a lot of people and it comes with a mirror and a little brush so you know can go wrong can you?

sexy lil' face I have there ;) 

a little tester for you, don't say I don't treat you ;;;;))))))

Again I am uploading this at 1.15am, I am a little night creature but I have to get up for college in 7 hours so.....


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