Refitting Keratin Tip Extensions // Daily Blogging #19


I have had my hair extensions redone, it has been about three months (-ish) since I have had my keratin tip extensions put in and they had grown out a fair bit and my hair was started to get a bit matted. So it was time for them to be re-touched.

The process is removing the keratin extensions cutting off the old glue and replacing the extensions in  with fresh glue that should last about three more months

This is my hair before

The 'Mane'

this is the amount of matted hair removed from my extensions *warning gross* 

And this is after!

My hair is EXTREMELY greasy here

It feels so much thicker and so much nicer a lot more healthier!

It is really important that if you have keratin tip extensions to get them redone every 2-3 months!


I am going to be honest although it might not look it, My hair feels so much shorter! I hate it.


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