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Ello There!

I have decided to give this blogging stuff a go, it is my new summer project to create one but, I am new at all this, so please be patient with me while I sort out all the lil’ bits and bobs!
I have decided to start with something nice an OOTD! YAY! 
The theme of this blog will probably revolve around make up and fashion as they are the topics in which my own life revolves around. So lets get started!

The outfit below is what I wore to see ‘The Fault In Our Stars’. Which so happens to be the BEST/SADDEST movie EVER. I read the book on holiday but it in no way shape or form prepared me for the film GO SEE IT, you will laugh, you will cry, but it will change you and leave you asking yourself, Why John Green? Why? 
ANYWAYS here is my outfit. 
the higher the angle, the more it hides my double chin

How very sassy. 
I am wearing a white high neck ribbed crop top from river island with what I like to call my ‘candy pants’ which are from Topshop and just some black flats from H&M. Hurrah for H&M!

I used the app Afterlight to edit my photos, I adore this app as it has a wide range of natural filters. my personal favourites are ‘magnolia’ and ‘horine’.

Also I am obsessed with chocker necklaces and I believe the more the merrier, I love to layer my necklaces to add a bit more the the plain top, (I might do a whole blog post on chocker necklaces. HMMMM??) 

Well adios for now! Thanking you kindly for clicking of this strange blog and I shall back soon with probably another OOTD or maybe something a little more interesting?  


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