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Ello Poppets!

I had my nails done yesterday, so currently I am finding it VERY hard to type so please excuse the little amount of writing on this post, its taking me about 5 minutes to write each sentence! But you know what they say, beauty is pain, and isn't that the truth!

My nails before where terrible I am one of the select few of the population that bite my nails, I know it is a crime and I am terribly sorry but my fellow nail bitters can relate with me. However as I have what I like to refer to as ‘pig trotters’ I have always longed for elegant nails so I took the plunge and got acrylics. I let my friend who it taking a beauty course have her way with my nails and I am pleasantly surprised (and as I was her test dummy I got them done for free. YAS.) 

So this was before 

PiGgY hAnDs  

And this is afteerrrrr

Black like my soul.

It is so strange to have long nails after going years with having little stubs. I am a bit worried about how to get them off after reading a lot of articles on the internet about the nail coming off with the acrylic! (What the actual F**K) but I am sure I will be alright… hopefully! 


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