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Fashion inspo~ Kylie/Kendall Jenner 

Honestly, I have only just joined the ever growing amount of people who are ‘Keeping up with the Kardashions’ and it is something I will never regret! People will say a lot about the Kardashion/Jenner clan but they must admit their style is ON POINT. They know how to work the red carpet and the media especially the youngest two. 

Kylie and Kendall Jenner have recently become my newest fashion icons. I especially love Kylie’s every day style but most recently have been adoring Kendall's red carpet dresses. The double split Fausto Puglisi dress from his fall/winter 2013/2014 collection that she wore to the MMVA’s in Toronto was STUNNING. I adored the double split that showed her hip bones and gave the perfect mix of shock factor and class. I feel this dress represents my most honoured life quotes ‘if you got it flaunt it’ and she most definitely has it (but it also left me questioning if she was wearing any knickers…??) I also admired her Met gala dress which was a classy sophisticated ‘mermaid’ number from Topshop in a perfect champagne colour that made me want to reach in to my computer screen and take the dress for my own! Her hair was also back combed to give this 80’s rocker look that added a bit of edge to her outfit. Also her neck was adorned with a diamond necklace that is although a classic it probably costed more then my house. Sad face. 


But when it comes to everyday style Kylie Jenner is queen. I recently watched an interview with her where she stated ‘I mostly take my fashion inspiration from men’ and I can see how she would be inspired by mens fashion as her sister is married to Kanye West who is currently dominating the mens fashion world. Her everyday style has an easy going vibe that has a mix of punk rock with a girly twist, she is bang on trend and is also a bit out there (HELLLOOO blue haaairrrrr), so it grabs the media’s attention whilst looking gorgeous which is every true fashionistas dream. Kylie also says in the interview that her tumblr is a true representation of her style and after spending many hours browsing through it, I can confirm that her tumblr is just life.


But one question has haunted me for ages… HOW IS KENDALL JENNER SO PRETTY? LIKE WHAT THE HELL. 

So I am going to cry while I eat a supreme pizza and wonder why I wasn't born a kardashion. MERP. 

TTFN x (honestly I am not paid to say this about them I just love them) 

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