❀Whats In My Bag? ❀


Ello my lovely darlings!

Today I decided to do one of the classics, a ‘What Is In My Bag?’ post, I must warn you I have a lot of crap in my bag so this was not only a blog post but also an excuse to clean it out all the horribleness at the bottom of my bag. 

This is my bag.

My bag is the Armani Exchange Studded Chelsea Satchel that I got recently on my holiday to Dubai and it contains my life, I love this bag as it has a long strap so I can just throw it on to my shoulder and be on my way. 

And this is all the stuff I have in my bag. I apologise in advance for the amount of random stuff I manage to squeeze into this bag.  

First thing first (I’m the realest-IGGY) I better explain my ‘grow your own Jesus’. A friend of mine brought this for me so after a night out I can apologise to Jesus about my sins. It is the best present I have ever been given. He has lived happily in my bag for a little while but as summer is looming, I shall grow him! 

Next is my copy of ‘The Craft’ book, on my train journeys to and from London/Dorset I like to have a little read and this book contains a lot of lil’ tips and tricks all about hair and make up and fashion and basically everything I love. HAIL LOU TEASDALE QUEEN. 

My (fake) Mulberry purse has lived through 2 years and at least 13 bag changes. It holds all my cards and over 36 receipts (I counted). I do need a new one as it is starting to tear in places but I cant bear to be with out it! 

The Conjuring is my favourite horror movie and therefore I carry it around with me at all times and watch it at any given chance (I decided the background/ filter for this photo should be scary OoOoOhHhHhH.) 

My makeup bag is defiantly a necessity so I can touch up my face through out the day. The one I own is from Primark and it has an E on it as my name is Ella. 

Next is my disposable camera, another present that puts different phrases on to your pictures such as ‘My Bitches’ which of course is an essential to everyones life.

Another bag candy of mine is my cat eye sunglasses from Newlook and to protect my glasses from any damage from my ‘block hole bag’, a pink polka dot snap case from Primark. 

A ticket from a 1975 concert. OBVIOUSLY. (I put the leaf on it to make it look arty). 

Nurofen, because you never know when a headache is going to spring up on you.

And the rest is just little knickknack things that where bouncing around at the bottom of my bag. Which includes… *clears throat*

  • Baths and Body Works ‘anti-bacterial and gel’ in Midnight pomegranate.
  • Hand food ‘hydrating hand cream’ form Soap&Glory.
  • My fish eye lens form Amazon,
  • Two chocker necklaces.
  • ‘A Great Kisser’ Soap&Glory lip balm. 
  • Extra spearmint gum (spearmint is the best).
  • Earphones, OBVS.
  • Spare contact lenses.
  • A Pandora ring.
  • 30p.

And that is the contents of my bag, I went for a very garden themed photo shoot today as the weather was LOVELLLY however now I am going back in to my dark room and have a nap. NIGHT. 


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