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*Sigh* the down side to loving materialistic things is that I spend to much money on clothes and other objects. Although I do have a reason for this little spend up. I have lately released that I had some birthday money left in my bank which i had forgotten about which of course lead to a little shopping spree! 

Of course I went straight to Zara as that is one of my favourite shops ever and purchased some lovely things. 

First was a oversized baseball-type top in the sale area for only £5.99 so OF COURSE I brought it! 

The second item was my big item, a coat. My obsession for coats and jackets gets long neglected in the summer months and as soon as it hits this autumn-ish-not-really time my obsession starts up again. But this coat was so cute! It is a camel coloured longline faux fur (mouthful) coat! It was about £90 but I had to have it! 


Another beige item I got was this fedora type hat from H & M for about £10. 

Pharrell hat.  

Then I went to Primark where I got this top which looks like it should be from clueless and for that reason I brought it. It look like it is a crop type jumper with a shirt underneath it BUT it is an optical illusion as it is just one t-shirt, cleaver ol’ primark.


I also got these boots, which have two buckles and cut outs on the sides. They also have a nifty zip on the back so you can slid them on and off with ease!

Then I got some essentials from super drug and what not. 

And that is my haul! I hope this doesn’t come across as a bragging type post because I honestly don't mean it like that I just always find it interesting seeing what people buy, or maybe that in just my inner stalker, oh well! 

TTFN X #haul 

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