♔ Kylie Jenner inspired outfits ♔


Kylie Jenner is one of my obsessions. As you can probably tell. I have done a number of blog posts about her, and now I am going to do another one.  

Kylie's clothes are most probably channel or gucci or some other beautiful design but one pair of jeans more than likely cost more then my entire wardrobe, So I thought why not create some 'budget' Kylie Jenner inspired outfits! 

In this outfit Kylie is wearing a black turtle neck sleeveless top with some leather shorts with some sort of chain crossing the side of her shorts. So to recreate this outfit I got a similar top from asos with some black shorts from new look and attached a golden chain necklace from one belt loop to another! 


Kylie's Coachella look showed us all how rock and roll she can be, so to recreate this look I just have an old grey tank top with my black shorts from new look again (unfortualty I couldn't find a bum bag *sadface* ) toped off with a camel hat that I got from H&M


Probably the easiest of the lot to do, this one is pretty simple just a plaid shirt and some shorts! my shorts are from new look and I can't remember where the shirt is from. SORRY.


This find should probably get me a spot of bargain hunters. WHY? because i was able to find a similar dress to Kylie's in primark for £5!!!!!!!! holy crap!!!!

This one if defiantly my favourite outfit, Leather trousers, t-shirt and some nude heels. LOVE IT! I got my trousers from asos and the top from Urban outfitters and the heels from New Look! 

Last Is a just a little tip I have, If you wanna complete the Kylie Jenner look then LAYER THOSE NECKLACES GURLLLL! 

I don't have as much bling as her though :( 

PHEWWWWWW that was a long one! 


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