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When I heard about the new wedding dress collection at the V&A 's I knew I just HAD to go, I love dresses not a fact that many people would assume due to the fact that I don't wear them ( I have serious issues with my knee caps in dresses, they just look strange) I love the simplicity of dresses as an outfit rather then finding trousers and a top, and what is the most extravagant dresses out there? Wedding dresses. 

Also the trip to the V&A also showed me how much my dedication to my little blog has grown due to the fact I went AGAINST THE RULES (totes badass) and took pictures of some dresses to show you guys, which did result in my getting told off. Twice. Ah well Cel la vie! 

Here are a couple of my fav's....

Yes this IS a wedding dress, the 60's maaann

The next photo is of my personal favourite dress, the kind I want for my own wedding (If I ever get married) and also it is very blurry because i noticed the security coming over to tell me to stop taking pictures. Oooops. 


Oh also here is what I was wearing, 

leather trousers - Asos 

blue t-shirt - Topshop (?? i think

jacket - forever 21 

watch - new look 

So If i don't post for a while its because V & A's have found this post and killed me off. 


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