♡ VMA 2014 Red Carpet Fashion ♡


Due to the fact that I have the attention span of a goldfish, when I chose to watch something for two hours straight WITHOUT eating/drinking/going for a wee/playing on my phone there is a good reason for it. The VMA awards was on late sunday night (live from America) so I watched the entire red carpet live stream. WHY? you may ask? Because VMA fashion DURRRRRRR!

Lets start with my personal fav outfit's fifth harmony! Fifth harmony isn't really known in England/UK but I think they were on x-factor US? Not to sure, but I am sure that their fashion is ON POINT!

All of them LOOK AMAZING! My personal favourites  are the two on the end the silky/flared out black dress and the sparkly leggings with a fur jacket. Perfection!

Then of course the Kardashion's! Not to much a fan of Kims cape/dress thing but I love Kendall and Kylie's dress/pant suit, mesh, bra thing. Both are just classics! 

Kendalls waist is smaller that my achievements though :( 

Then we have the ladies in red, Rita , Demi and Cher. LOVE IT. 

my screen grab I done of cher does not do her dress any justice, soz cher ITS THE ONLY PHOTO I COULD FIND

Then there are the outfit's that I didn't expect to see BUT I LOVED THEM! 

First up is Amber Rose who look OUTSTANDING she has the right curves and everything to pull off this outfit, I am just saying Kim better watch out when Kanye see's what he missed out on! 

N'AWWWWW her and wiz :3

Next up is Ariana Grande! She surprised me in the best way, say goodbye the 50's dresses and hello to sexy leather! Obv's she kept her classic ponytail and why wouldn't she? She looks so good! Fair play to her! WORK IT 

Then we had some patterned playsuits/jumpsuits which I loved/kinda felt like they were in there pi's?? But still look fab! 


I do love leopard print ;) ;) 

And going In the theme of twos we have the black bandu (that how to spell it??) top showed by Jordan Dunn and Miley Cyrus! 

So what did I learn from the VMA's ? 

That black bandu's/ patterned playsuits/red dresses and leather Is TOTES IN? 
or that Crazy eyes is SEXY?!?!?! 


Right now I am off to bed NIGHT!!


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