✾ The Best Kind Of Shoes ✾


I have started collage now and there is one thing that I believe I know something that will make all those of you who go to work/are at collage/school/universty/whoever feet happy, and that is slip on trainers. 

I love slip on trainers they are easily put on like slippers but more formal, and they are all in fashion so they go with everything. This makes me reallllllllllllly happy! 

Here are my ever-growing collection of slip on trainers. 

They are all from Primark, cause lord knows I love things cheap! 

I really love the way they look and they are so comfy kinda like formal trainers? I don't know if that is the best way to describe them?? Ah well! 


p.s due to the fact that I am now back at school I thought it would be best if I have a schedule-kinda maybe like update twice a week? at least one of those will be a outfit of the week and the other will be, i dunno what ever i feel like posting? - not that probs anyone cares anyways but thought I would establish itttttt. LOVE YA XOXOXOX

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