✧ College Clothes #2 ✧


Terribly sorry about the wait, but I have had collage and those days are long! But here is what I put on my body during those long days! 

The first day i wore a jumper and shirt combo both from H&M as in the morning i have to get up at insane o'clock and it was rather chilly but as it warmed up further along in the day I took the jumper off and just wore the shirt! Hurrah for layering! I wore just some simple legging's from topshop with primark booties! 


The second day was just a legging & cami combo with a bomber jacket I recently purchased at primark to add so edge to the outfit thrown over the top. To add a lil' jazzy~ness to my outfit I also wore my leopard print slip on trainers which are also from primark! 


The third and final (and the hottest I might add) day I just wore some denim shorts for new look with a black roll neck crop top from asos and a flannel tied around my waist and my Adidas honey's!

I hope these can give you some ideas about what YOU could wear to collage/school or just out an about!


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