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Today was a nice day, a nice day to do some THRIFT SHOPPING or antique shopping really. Me and my parental folk went down to the coast to find some antique's for our house. And this is what I woreeeee 

Bomber jacket - Primark
White tank - forever 21
body chain - topshop
leggings- H&M
shoes - Primark 

I love shop's like this, they are like junk yards but nicer. Full of knick knack stuff that no one needs but everyone wants for example~ 

A wooden mannequin with fingers half missing 

An old mirror next to a vase full of old scarf's 

An light from a cargo boat on a 1950's chair 

A crusty onion or a crusty ass????

And my personal fav a postcard from 1949, warms the deep depth of ya heart doesn't it? 

And after rummaging around we decided to get some grub, I got some spagbol and a Nutella filled pastry-thing with a hot chocy~ twas very nice. 

If you ever happen to cross a little antique shop I suggest you go in there to have a little look around, even if you haven't a dime in your pocket It's nice to have a look around and see what you could find! 


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