❀ Make up Favourites // I DIDN'T Wake Up Like This ❀


My Makeup favourites 

-Left to right-

Benefits smoking' eyes - My brows are something that need to be on point, one of my main mottos in life is that 'don't let anyone with shit eyebrows tell you anything about your life'. I don't want to be someone with shit eyebrows. 

Mac Smoke luxe pearl fusion palette - This palette is so well loved I am starting to see the bottom, this makes me very upset as this little palette is a MUST every wear I go, all the colours are so well pigmented and its just the perfect lil' palette. 

My half lashes- My lashes are horrible, this is my own fault as when I was ten I thought that is would be wise to chop my eyelashes off. WHY I thought this was a good idea I will never know. My eyelashes has never been the same since. So I need a little help in that department.  

Estee Lauder double wear stay in place foundation- A new addition to my make up bag but already well loved. It does exactly what it says on the tin, It stays in place ALL DAY, it makes me very happppppyy. A little pricey but well worth it. 

Kate moss rimmel lipstick in the shade 26 - I can't pull off the heavy eye heavy lip look (how I wish I could), so When I am having a heavy eye day I need to quieten down my lips a bit this is the PERFECT shade, Its like a coffee shade and does not give the whole concealer lip look with defiantly does not make me look good! 

Topshop Liner in 'black cab'- I have gone through many eyeliners in my time from bobbi brown to the ones free in magazines, and this one is by far my top, Only like £8 and is better then most high end ones I have brought, 4 for you Topshop, you go Topshop. 

Wake me up concealer - Usually with under eye concealers they tend to clog under my eyes and leave  creases and make my look a lot nastier then what I started out with. BUT THIS ONE! It was recommended to me by a friend and I have never looked back! 

And these are (in my opinion) the best things at turning me a 3 to a strong 5! 

This is my 50th post, wow! 

I started this blog just as something to do over the summer and to watch it slowly gain readers (we now are in the double digits, WOHAY)  is so cool! Hopefully the best is yet to come! 


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