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If I showed you my entire shoe collection, This post would take you about 3 days to read, so after a good hour of thinking and arranging and changing my mind and thinking some more I have condensed the list down to my top 6 pairs of shoes (at this current moment). 

Here are my babies!!

(From left to right) 

First up is my black ankle booties, I fully believe especially in the winter/Autumn months that black ankle boots are a necessity, Mine were only £12 from Primark (!!!CHEAP!!!). 

Next is my leopard print slip on trainers, another primark lovely and I have done a WHOLE post on these, so clearly they close to my heart. 

My nike roshe (pronouced ROWSHEE acordding to the women who served me at nike) was something that on my wish list for a good 6 MONTHS  and are the comfy-est trainers. Ever. 

The black honeys are shoes that I love so much that I currently am out to buy the white pair, They go with almost every outfit and that is not something I can say for all my shoes. 

My black flatforms where an impulse buy, and my best impulse buy to date. 

White converse. Nuff said. 

Oh and these beauty'ss..... 

They are technically slippers so they didn't make the list BUT LOOK AT THEM!



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