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My hair is a nightmare, an absolute nightmare its limp and lifeless and just has nothing going for it. So in order to deal with this issue I have got some hair extensions!! WOHAY not so much for the length but for volume! So I thought I would share how I clean and deal with my hair extensions. 

The things you need are : 

  • A brush
  • Shampoo and conditioner 
  • Any hair care products that you would usually use 
  • A hairdryer/ straightener (optional) 
First you wanna do is brush through your extension's so that they are not all tangled for when you wash them. I like to wash mine in the sink with some herbal essences loveliness. 

After you have washed them you can hang them up somewhere so you can apply some product before you hair dry them or leave them to dry naturally. 

Once they are dry then you can style them anyway you like! I prefer to to straightener mine just because they are easier to style! 

Badaboom! Yours done so lets have a classic before and after shot, 

Looks a lot better! Then you wanna store you'r extensions in a safe place to use when you want! Now I better get back to doing the rest of them!


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