☯ College Clothes #3 ☯


This week is my third week at college, and is also the week that I learnt 'college' is NOT spelt 'collage' so obviously the hard work is paying off! 

Day one.

Top - river island
Jeans -asos
scarf- Topshop
Shoes- Adidas honey's 

Day two. (I mixed up the way I take my photo's a lil' cause the 'mirror-selfie-type-shots' just weren't working for me) 

Jacket - Mums
shirt - topMAN
leggings - H&M
fur collar - primark
Shoes (you can't see the but i thought i'd tell you anyways)- 'geek shoes' from topshop 
Day three. 

Jacket- forever 21
scarf - topshop
cami - new look
jeans- topshop
shoes (ditto)- Adidas honeys 

& for you hair freak's here is a better look at my messy bun ;)))))

The autumn is coming around so get prepared for coats & jackets!!!! 


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