✿ Face Framing Plaits ✿


The other day I saw this groovey photo, It was just on Tumblr so I don't know exactly were it came from but I l just feel in love with this girls hair. 


So I thought I would try (the best of my abilities) to try and recreate it!

I stared off with my plain ol' hair 

Then I back-combed the absolute shit out of my hair. 

Then I split my hair into three sections - like thisss

Then just braid you hair normally, I had to french braid mine because I have layers but you can do what ever you want. 

Double sexy 
Then just release the rest of you hair and give it some vavavooom

plus this hair style can make you a great fake moustache

Or if you are feeling adventures you can put some little things in the braid 

I Think I shall save that for when festivals come back around though. 

Hope you a bit inspired! 


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