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Two words. Retail therapy.

The other day I got back all my assignments. Only to find I have failed them all. Fab. Luckily I can resubmit them but still, nothing like being told you're work is shit to put you in a bad mood. So I thought why not buy some materialistic things! And thats exactly what I did.

Now I didn't want to spend to much. mostly because I didn't have any money but I need to start saving up for everyone's christmas presents. So I had a quick look around Top shop and found this cool grey vest/thing for like £6 (including my student discount I got it down to £5.40!whohhayyyy)

excuse the mermaid blanket in the corner. WHAT, ITS COMFY

Then I thought that this lil' vest would go nicely with a fur snood so I had a little look round topshop and the cheapest one I could find was £25! £25 on a snood!!!!! I don't have that kind of money so I took a trip down to good ol' Primark and found one for £6 - a lot cheaper

And here is the combo together-

Tucked into some black skinnies I think this could be quite a good look, Keep you eyes peeled I will probably do an outfit post soon.

I also got a new eyeshadow palette, now I have never heard of the 'make up revolution' brand but I thought with an eyeshadow palette for only £4!!!!! You can't go wrong, and I was pleasantly surprised. Its no secret that cheap palettes lack in the pigment department, but this one is quite good! I'll leave the link to it hererererere.

Yesss so It was quite a successful trip!

Hope for those of you who are also in education still, that your exams/coursework/life, Is going well and for those of you who aren't I hope you are having a good day <3


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