❂ Last Minute Wrapping ❂


I am going to be completely honest with you, yesterday I had work till 5 and then I really just couldn't be bothered to do a post I usually have a plan about what I am going to write about but yesterday I had nothing, and that is why yesterday only tumble weeds crossed my blog, but today I am full of Festive fun and I am ready to go!!

Today I got some last minute wrapping to do so I thought why now share this moment with my blog, this is what I got my bestie for christmas (she assured me she wouldn't peak at this post).

Beauty schooll droppp outtt....

Stir TEA Dancing do you get it ?!?


My Bestie is a lover of old classic films so when I saw these on www.livinginlalaland.co.uk I knew I had to get them ! 

Then began my failed attempt at wrapping, 


Not really organised but oh well! 

Happy christmas eve eve! 


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