♔ Mini Topshop Haul ♔


Presents brought. Check, Christmas decorations all good. Check. Christmas in my eyes is done and dusted all the hassle and worry is all over for my now that I have got all my present I needed to get all with £50 spare, I know christmas is all about giving to others butttttt I happened to walk past a topshop and all my 'festive giving feeling' went out the window. 

I saw this top and I knew I had to have it It is a peachy/browny colour ( although it doesn't show well here) and I am already scheming ideas with what to wear this with!

Never can have to many white cami's!

I saw this in the mens sections (don't be afraid of the mens section!) and It instantly reminded my of a top in the alexander wang x H&M collection! 
So obvy I had to get it!

I also got some little things from ones of those home bargain stores, you know the stores that contain all the crap you didn't know you desperately wanted till you stepped foot into the store.

Sadly my other bag is a Primark


I am scared to look at my bank balance after this...


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