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Arriving an hour early for a train is something most people wouldn't be happy about, and neither was I but I didn't realise the amount of shops train stations have now a days! I was an hour early for my train from St Pancreas in London back home the other day (I'll do a post on my outfit soon) and was delighted by the shops! Especially the M.A.C store... I mean how could I not buy something! 

I walked on in and was instantly greeted by my love. M.A.C lipsticks *sighs* I wish I could buy them all!!
The lipstick I ended up with is Hot Gossip and I love it and I love the smell! I forget how nice M.A.C lipstick smell! Anyways here is is

I am not very good at describing things so I am just going to show you, 

It takes my lips from thissss...
naturel lips, can we just take a minute to look at how my top lips just disappears into my face. 
To thisssssss!
It looks a lot less pink in person but overall I really like it ! 
I like to pair it with my Kate moss Lipstick in the shade 26 

Combined together and you get the perfect pouty shade! 

Embracing my inner Kylie Jenner

By The way I wanted to say Hello to anyone Who saw my lil' advert! Hello! did you get the joke? If not click hererererererere. Also hello to anyone else! HELLO! I also can see that a few of you are actually typing in my blog name into google to find me and come back and visit my little blog!! I really appreciate it and  I wanted to say you drive me to make my posts even better now I can see that people are returning! So much so that starting Thursday I plan to post everyday leading up to Christmas!!!!!!! CHRISTMASSSSSSSSSSSSS!


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