✌ Nude Leggings // River Island ✌


My first pay check came through the other day and I debated over what I wanted to spend it on, sure there was quite a few things I need to buy and quite a few debts I need to pay, but I wanted to first pay check to go on something memorable, so here is is NuDe LeGgInGs! 

I got these babies from River Island for £22 (the hanger says M&S cause thats the only hanger I could find) and they are kinda of like jodhpurs, but I love them! To be honest thy don't go with much but I will find a way of styling these and pros show you wednessdayyy the result! 

Also the poped a lil' flyer about student discounts for the 4th of November so all students have a look! 
20% off not bad! 


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