How to be Kim Kardashian // Night Out Outfit, Hair & Make Up


Unless you haven't been 'keeping up with the Kardashians' Kim Kardashian is realising a new 'selfie book' at first hearing this news I can imagine a lot of people are like 'dafuck it is literally a book of HER FACE!?! AGAIN?!' But  I think fair enough, good for her she is stunning! So this post is dedicated to becoming Kim Kardashian (well trying as hard as I can).


Make up 

Bronzed face. Long eyelashes. Flawless face. This is how I tried to achieve this look. 

Primer for some kickass Pore less Skin 

Extra flawnesses with foundation. 

No Kim Kardashian routine is complete without concealer 

Then Contour the absolute SH*T Out of your face

And Highlight 

Draw on some dark ass brows 
 Kim K hasn't been going for the dark eyeshadow lately just long lashes so just a little wash of brown on the lid with some eyeliner

I Don't have naturally long lashes so gotta use them falsies

I used this crazy little device to stick them to my eye
Make up - complete

Gotta go slicked back (Its the easiest one to copy) 

I wet the front of my hair and blow dried it backwards (does that make sense?)

Back comb the crap out of it

Moose it till it is as hard as a rock, wind won't messing my hair up. 


When Pretending to be Kim Kardashian your best bet is to post wear nudes or show off some boobage, I choose the second,


All- Missguided 

Phew! That was a long one, who knew It took so many steps to become Kimmy K?!


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