Four Five Seconds Inspired Make-up and Outfit


Woke up an optimist
Sun was shinin', I'm positive...

When three icons get together how can I not do an inspired outfit. 

My outfit was based on Kanye's (obvs he is fashion god) and my hair and make- up was based on RhiRhi (obvs, I don't think the Paul McCartney look would suit me). 

I based my outfit on thissss...

But I went for leggings instead of jeans for a more girly feel, 

trying to get good view of meh boots

Boots :Brothers (borrowed only for this post)
Vneck Jumper:Primark(mens)

I based my hair&make up on these photo's 

She has slicked back hair with a glowy face and 'wet' look eyeshadow, 

I used a lot of shimmer oh the inners to create the 'wet' look

I have very VERY dark brows. 

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