How to have a good valentines day when you are single


Roses are red, Violets are blue & Vodka is cheaper then dinner for two.

If like me you are single on valentines day then I am here to help to try enjoy this holiday - well as much as you can.

Five steps to having a good valentines day when you are single. 


One thing that always makes me feel better is food, So ignore the 'only salad' promise you made yourself in January and order a pizza. With stuffed crust. And chicken wings. 


What better way to forget you are forever alone then a comedy, I personally recommend: 
  • Step Brothers
  • Super bad
  • Anchor man
  • Shaun of the dead, Or
  • The interview (watch this now)
Or if you are feeling all 'Fuck Love' 

  • Fatal Attraction 
  • Gone Girl - This movie will make you want to stay single forever. 
Hugging Pillow 

Can I just say that I regret nothing 

Upbeat Songs

Nothing says loving the single life like a good ol' sing song! Songs I recommend are:
  • Single Ladies -DUH
  • Never getting back together
  • Forget you /Fuck you 
  • No Scrub
  • Roses (one of my fav songs)
Take Selfies


In all seriousness I hope you have a cabby day what ever you do!


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