Kanye West X Adidas Originals


A lot of people are throwing tons of shade at Kanye for this collection, But I like it! He used a lot of nude colours so that you focus on one item of clothing at a time, It was very very basic but its good basic stuff so I can't complain, plus its Adidas, a sports shop, I am not exactly expecting mini skirts, high heels and faux fur, I also like how Kanye presented his collection, in a square rather then have the models walk up and down a cat walk, and I liked how he used models with of all different sizes, very in with the times. The creme of the catwalk was of course the yeezy Boosts, which are extremely like the Nike Yeezy's, but with in a different colour, not to sure its worth the money but am I going to still buy them. Of course. GOD DAYMN BRAND AWARENESS. 

Anyhow here are my favourite outfits,




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